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Troy Night Guards

Many people engage in excess teeth grinding or clenching (also known as bruxism), though not everyone is aware they exhibit the behavior. This is because while some individuals may do this throughout the day, it is a larger problem at night during sleep. Our Troy, MI, dentists know that teeth grinding can damage enamel, wear down teeth, cause jaw pain, and lead to gum irritation.

For this reason, we offer night guards or bite splints for our patients to wear.

These oral appliances then help:

How Will a Night Guard Help Me?

If you grind your teeth you should consider a night guard. Similar to a sports mouth guard worn by athletes, this device provides a barrier between your top and bottom teeth while you sleep. All night guards are custom-fitted to your smile for comfort and to allow for proper breathing. Our dentists will take an impression of your teeth inside of our Troy, MI, dental office and have the night guard created by a dental lab.

Learn MoreHow Night Guards Stop Teeth Grinding

Unlike those you can order online or buy from the store, personalized night guards from our dentists are very durable, can be used for up to 10 years, and are tailored to fit your specific dental anatomy. In other words, someone couldn’t comfortably wear your night guard because it’s made to only work for you.

Ways to Take Action

There are some things that you can do to try to limit teeth grinding. You can train your jaw to be free and relaxed rather than clenched by practicing jaw exercises throughout the day. Refraining from chewing gum or gnawing on other objects like pens will also help. In addition, our dentists recommend going easy on alcoholic drinks and drinks with caffeine, as these can increase the likelihood you will grind your teeth. If you suspect you might be grinding your teeth at night, set up an appointment with us and we’ll get started.

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Ask About a Night Guard Today

Our dentists in Troy, MI, offer several different types of night guards for specific conditions. Through proper evaluation and fitting, we can help alleviate misalignment of your bite and subsequently correct these issues. To request an appointment, call Mosaic Dental today at (248) 528-2270.