Laser Tongue-tie Surgery vs. Traditional Surgery

Troy Tongue Tie Laser Surgery

Watching your child grow and develop before your eyes is amazing. But what if you’ve noticed that something seems to be hindering that very development? Perhaps they’re not feeding correctly or have difficulty speaking. Whatever the issue might be, it’s possible it could be resolved with a frenectomy from our Troy dentists.

A frenectomy, or tongue-tie surgery, is a procedure in which soft connecting tissue located either at the base of the tongue or above the front teeth is removed. This soft tissue is referred to as the frenum, hence the procedure’s name.

Some children are born with frenum that is too short or tight which impedes their ability to breastfeed, talk, or touch their tongue to the roof of their mouth. If left unresolved, tongue-tie can lead to oral health complications for children as they grow up.

Here’s what you need to know about symptoms associated with tongue-tie and 5 aspects you can expect post-surgery.

Signs or Symptoms of Tongue-tie

In general, frenectomies are better performed early on in a child’s life. When they are young, they are able to heal quicker than an adult and can avoid any long-term consequences of a tongue or lip tie.

This type of condition is not a serious medical problem alone but is important to recognize if you notice your child struggling with regards to oral function. Tongue-tie surgery could help alleviate speaking or eating troubles for your child.

Some signs or symptoms of tongue and lip ties in young children are:

  • Impaired speech.
  • Difficulty swallowing.
  • Decreased mobility of tongue (can’t move side to side or toward roof of mouth).
  • Trouble licking certain foods i.e. ice cream or lollipops.
  • Inability to stick tongue out.
  • Breastfeeding or latching issues.
  • Problems making certain sounds.

You know your child best so if they are exhibiting any of the signs listed above, don’t hesitate to bring them into our Troy dental office. Our dentists can take a more in-depth look at your child’s mouth and answer any questions you may have.

With Tongue-tie Surgery, You Can Expect:

1. Shorter Treatment Time

Laser tongue-tie surgery is performed right in our Troy office. It is performed as an outpatient procedure and usually only takes a few minutes. Since the procedure is quick, it is less traumatizing to your baby than a more involved surgical procedure.

Also, laser surgery eliminates the need for general anesthesia or sedation which is not only less time consuming, but easier for your child.

2. Minimal Bleeding or Swelling

There is little to no bleeding when you choose laser tongue-tie surgery. Our laser technique effectively releases the membrane connecting the tongue to the gum line. This may sound scary, but in reality, this technique is much less traumaticand more accurate than traditional surgery methods involving scissors or a scalpel.

Lasers are also minimally invasive, which is great for babies and small children who may not understand why they are having the procedures.

3. Less Pain

The lingual frenum which is being removed contains very few nerve endings or blood vessels. This makes for a much less painful result when paired with dental laser technology. In fact, after the procedure, a baby can breastfeed immediately if needed.

4. Quicker Recovery Period

Since we don’t have to put your child under for general anesthesia or sedation, the recovery time is much shorter than that of traditional surgery. This also makes the procedure safer and less involved for your baby.

At Mosaic Dental, we care about the well-being of our patients which is why we always discuss the risks of any procedure with you before undergoing treatment.

5. Less Chance for Reattachment

After your child has laser tongue-tie surgery, you want to know that the effects will last for a lifetime. As a parent, make sure to stretch your child’s tongue as directed by our dentists to prevent reattachment after the procedure. Since laser tongue-tie surgery is very accurate at releasingthe membrane restricting the tongue, there is minimal chance for reattachment.

Our dentists can provide all post-procedure instructions to ensure your child heals nicely. If you have questions at any point, we are more than happy to assist you and provide you with the answers you’re looking for with regards to your child.

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